Lazada Seller Center Account Statement Redesign

–– Account statement is under the seller finance tool. It helps sellers do their financial reconciliation,  total earnings, fees and charges incurred weekly.


Finance tool has been in the top 3 lowest score tools based on Lazada’s monthly seller tools PSAT (Product Satisfaction) report. This was the driving factor of doing the redesign of the seller account statement.

My Role

UX/UI design


Customer findings, UI design, Interaction design

Main Problem

Lowest PSAT score 

VOC’s PSAT report

Indonesia was the most unsatisfied country with the finance tool at 1.3% only

VOC’s PSAT report
User Problems

To further understand the main problem and pain points, I gathered feedback from the customer support team from each country who speaks and works directly with the sellers.

After consolidating the feedback I got from the customer support team, this is what showed;

Account Statement Is Confusing

Account Statement

🔎 Definition of fees is complex and confusing 

💸 No tracking of payout

💡 Lack of information displayed

Too Slow To Update Funds Withdrawal

Seller Profile

🗓️️ Only 4x/week, not fast enough

🙎🏻 Not very good cash flow for micro sellers

Transparency Of Orders In Account Statement

Seller account statement

🚚 Overcharged shipping fee

📋 Some of the delivered orders not reflecting in the statement

❌ Doesn’t reflect the total pending payout balance

Other User Problems;

  1. We want to search the transaction or order by Payout Status but the Order & Transaction Overview doesn’t have this option
  2. It’s hard to track missing orders, unpaid orders and returned products in Order Overview
  3. The overall user interface is confusing, I don’t know where to go next
Key Metric

This year’s key metric is to focus on improving the PSAT score.

Finance Key Metric
Prioritization Of Tasks

Because of the lack of technical resources, we prioritized the improvements and the dependencies based on it. We focused for the first release to have minimum effort from the tech and business side, but still solve the user problems.

Finance Prioritization Tasks


After gathering and having a clear picture of the improvements. I’ve started sketching some ideas, mostly card based framework. Below is the sketch I’ve decided to work with a simple approach on the interaction and have the key information displayed that the sellers need.

Finance Early Idea Sketches


After working with the sketches, I looked for some inspiration with the card interactions — when the card is clicked, it will expand and separate at the same time from the card above and below (if there’s any). Found google flights card to be the perfect fit.

Google Flights

Lo-fi Prototype

During the process I created a low-fi prototype to communicate the feasibility of the interaction to the developers and see how we can work on it because it was new to the entire Seller Center system. 

Account Statement prototype
Final Visual

Views By Account Type

Shop Owners have full access to the earnings card. Other than them, the access has limitations

Seller Account Types

Open Statement

Open statement is the statement of the current week. The sum of orders received, refunds and other transaction fees. Sellers check this regularly to keep track of the orders on a high level view.

Account Statement Status: Open

Payout Initiated 

When Lazada finance made the transfer to the bank. Noted on each statement when the fund was transferred to the seller’s bank account.

Expanded card detaches from the other cards to create clarity, focus and confusion of which information the sellers are viewing.

*Paid status have the same UI/interaction with Payout Initiated. The only difference is the note of the fund successful transfer to the seller’s bank account. 

Account Statement Status: Payout Initiated

Mobile App

We kept the first version of the app minimal since most sellers use the app to check if they have orders or not.

What’s next?

This project is still ongoing, unresolved user problems that were not included in this phase will be part of the next release.

My next steps is to validate the design both on the website and app

  • Weekly check-in with the customer support team to get the seller’s feedback
  • Conduct a user interview once we reach 50% of the whitelisted sellers

Done is better than perfect if I’m going to describe this project. Short timeline and lack of technical resources shouldn’t be a show stopper. It would have been great for the team if we have a bit more time to solve all the other user problems and find more developers to help us build the pages. But at the end, we were able to release a version that we can validate and test. Overall, I enjoyed working on this project.

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